Gilles de Rais in the Lake of Fire 4

Turns 1-7
Turns 8-14
Turns 15-21

Turn 22 - Choices
There are multiple ways for Gilles de Rais to become the new King in Hell:
- he could become the Blood Slave of Asmodeus and casually wait for his "master's" victory; however, frontiers in Hell have become quite stable of late and Asmodeus needs to conquer a few Cantons or Gilles to lose some;
- he could focus on the Prestige race; with the help of rituals and a few choice conquests, Gilles could theoretically win despite the tremendous advance of Asmodeus; "accidents" happen and if Asmodeus would be destroyed, the road to kingship would be open to Gilles;
- he could, if all fails, try to conquer Pandemonium and hold it against all other archfiends for five turns. Difficult, but not impossible and Lilith's territory might act like a natural barrier against the stronger armies of other archfiends.
Gilles de Rais decide to build up his military strength and overall power while keeping a watchful eye on his enemies for opportunities to exploit.
To begin with, Gilles bids on the first volume of the Rite of Blood, a manuscript which can improve Wickedness.

Turn 23 - Paimon scoops the Palace on the Lake of Fire
Gilles pockets the volume of the Rite of Blood and bids on two volumes of the Rite of Infernal Awe, which is rumored to be able to improve martial abilities.
The recent decision by the Conclave seems positive. Nobody wants Asmodeus to pull too far ahead in Prestige.
Paimon conquered the Palace on the Lake of Fire, which procures him a strategic advantage. Murmur took the Pillars of Malebolge.

Turn 24 - Arms race
Gilles bids on the volume 3 of the Machine of Vengeance, which decreases the martial ability of all opponents.
I increase his Charisma from 3 to 4. The better tribute will help fuel future rituals and Bazaar shopping.

Turn 25 - Interesting event
The praetor Bune has been acquired by an unknown archfiend. My troops are searching the underworld for manuscripts.
As Regent, I receive the possibility to pick and use an event. I decide to unveil immediately any king maker in the Infernal Conclave.

Turn 26 - No Kingmaker
The knowledge is worth something... I decide to bid on the fourth volume of the Machine of Vengeance and also to acquire the services of the praetor Naphula.

Turn 27 - Naphula is mine
Both bids are unsurpassed by rival archfiends.

Turn 28 - Protecting my capitol
Somebody is trying to gather the pieces of the Machine of Gluttony (which can potentially decrease the Charisma of every archfiend and destroy the economy of Hell). To prevent such an outcome, I bid on the third volume of this manuscript, spending 2 more darkness than necessary.
Meantime, I send Naphula in the vicinity of my capitol city. She takes the head of the Burning Legion which protects the region. If all hell breaks loose, a strong military will prove essential.
At the end of turn 28, Asmodeus is still clearly the leader, but Paimon is not to be discarded too quickly, as his strong army and his conquest of the Palace on the Lake of Fire prove to be a dangerous combination.
Turns 29-35