Gilles de Rais in the Lake of Fire

This is an after action report for the turn-based strategy game Solium Infernum.

Archfiend creation
A pervert heart pulses again. Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, also known as Gilles de Rais, was a wicked diabolist in 15th century France and used to sacrifice babies in black masses. After his death, his soul was fittingly hanged in the Gardens of Infernal Delights, to be abused by the patrons of this horrific grove. The suffering experienced under its branches warped Gilles beyond anything recognizable. Consumed with lust, he wishes to inflict these pleasures unto others until Hell itself gets old: his public objective is the conquest of the Gardens.
Somehow, armed with but his wits and forbidden knowledge, Gilles de Rais escaped from the Gardens. He transformed into a demon with the help of dark sorceries that were never meant to be. The face he wears nowadays in the streets of Hell is new and barely hides unbound ambitions. He has risen to the position of Lord, the lowest rank in the Infernal Conclave. Other archfiends deem him to be an obscure upstart and a nobody. A mere French sorcerer does not hold much clout amid mesopotamian gods. That is their mistake. Gilles is a seer and, as such, can potentially master incredible rituals of Prophecy, which will help him in the great game ahead. This knowledge may even be enough to make him the Power Behind the Throne: if he becomes the Blood Vassal of the one who would win the war for the throne of Lucifer, Gilles will become the true victor. Controlling the crown of the Lightbringer would become his stepping stone before the conquest of Paradise itself.

Turn 1 - Far from the Gardens
The Garden of Delights is located far away from Gilles's fortress (and close to Pandemonium).
Getting beyond these southern mountains first will be difficult:
- Lilith, Lord of Hell (objective: pride), reigns east of the Garden;
- Sitri, Marquis of Hell (wrath), reigns south of the Garden and north of Gilles de Rais's little empire;
- Paimon, Baron of Hell (wrath), reigns far away in the East;
- Asmodeus, Prince of Hell (envy), reigns southwest of Gilles's fortress;
- Murmur, Lord of Hell (wrath), reigns northwest of Gilles's fortress.
The Black Altar of Despair, in the East, looks like a tempting target for the Legion of the Slaves of Gilles de Rais, provided they can first reinforce a little bit.
Gilles de Rais demands tribute twice. Let the damned in his path pay the ultimate price!
Gilles de Rais does not wish to enrich his enemies. This event will not take place.

Turn 2 - An ally
In the Infernal Bazaar, Asmodeus buys the Ten Thousand Screaming Bastards and Lilith buys Acheron's Butchers. The Slaves of Sitri beeline southward for the Dark Altar of Despair; Lilith's army does also move south.
Gilles de Rais bids on Great Duke Eligos (overbidding with 1 soul ) then demands a tribute of souls. His soulless archers could use a commander such as Eligos.

Turn 3 - Irritated by Marquis Sitri
News tell the story of the siege and fall of the Iron Staircase by minions of Asmodeus. Howls from beyond the horizon announce the acquisition of the Hounds of Hell by Paimon.
No fanfare salutes the arrival of Great Duke Eligos in the service of Gilles de Rais. Quickly, without a whisper, Eligos takes the lead of the Slaves of Gilles de Rais and heads south, since the Black Altar of Despair is obviously lost to Sitri.

Turn 4 - Despair is Sitri's weapon
Sitri, indeed, now owns the Black Altar of Despair. Murmur hires the Lethean Phalanx.
I need 1 more hellfire before I can raise Gilles's Intelligence and thus Prophecy.
The army moves south, tribute is demanded.

Turn 5 - Places of Power fall to demonkind
Murmur appropriates the Pillar of Skulls while Paimon climbs the Summit of Mount Erebus.
The army moves south, tribute is demanded.

Turn 6 - The rise of Asmodeus
Asmodeus overtakes the Gates of Hell; his power and prestige begin to impress his peers.
I increase Gilles de Rais's Intelligence from 2 to 3.
The Slaves, led by Eligos, shoot a dense cloud of poisoned arrows against the Gardens of Infernal Delights, while the army of Lilith begins to show up at the horizon.

Turn 7 - The Gardens are mine!
So many arrows... When the Slaves move in with their swords, the guardians of the Gardens are already incapacitated.
I decide to keep and use as soon as possible this new event in order to reward the Slaves.
Gilles de Rais demands tribute twice. More souls to eat!

State of the hell at the end of turn 7:
- no more Place of Power in reach; it means that the powers that be will begin to look at ways to encroach on their neighbours' territories and strongholds;
- no direct confrontation impending; Gilles de Rais has some time to build appropriate defences against would-be invaders;
- borders: Paimon with Lilith Asmodeus and Murmur, Murmur with Lilith Asmodeus and Paimon, Lilith with Paimon Sitri Murmur and Gilles de Rais, Sitri with Lilith and Gilles de Rais, Asmodeus with Paimon and Murmur, Gilles de Rais with Sitri and Lilith.
I decide to adjust threats in this order: Sitri (who "stole my altar"), Asmodeus (powerful, prestigious), Lilith (close, too close), Paimon and Murmur (not my neighbours).

Turns 8-14
Turns 15-21