Gilles de Rais in the Lake of Fire 5

Turns 1-7
Turns 8-14
Turns 15-21
Turns 22-28

Turn 29 - A tiny taint of goodness
This is not enough to dispel the pure evil seeping out of Gilles de Rais's treasure room.
The end of the confiscation of Prestige opens the way to Asmodeus's victory.

Turn 30 - Random malice
I decide to play this event immediately, hoping to help Asmodeus gain a few Cantons.
Gilles does not forget his plan B. I raise his Martial Arts skill from 1 to 2.

Turn 31 - Lilith's loss, Murmur's gain
The Infernal Conclave did not decide the Canton ownership changes Gilles de Rais was hoping for. Lilith has been fragilized and that is a shame. Satellite states should not be vulnerable to third parties.
Observe how Lilith's Stronghold is now very easy for Murmur to attack, if he gets Blood Feud rights against her.

Turn 32 - Asmodeus bullied
Asmodeus is the brightest archfiend and everybody hates him for that. Everybody wants a piece of his Prestige and is ready to ransack his territory if he does not oblige. Wisely, Asmodeus makes small concessions, knowing well that time is his best ally.
In the meantime, Gilles de Rais keeps building his military. He hires the praetor Malacoda and sends him to the Gardens of Infernal Pleasure.

Turn 33 - More souls for Gilles de Rais
After many turns of preparation, I raise Gilles's Charisma from 4 to 5. Tribute will be excellent in the future.
I decide also to bid on the Bowl of Abject Darkness. It will protect Gilles's attributes against nefarious attacks.

Turn 34 - Damn! The Book of Enoch!
The good news is the fact that the Bowl of Abject Darkness is now safe and secure in Gilles de Rais's vault. The bad news is the fact that it was replaced in the Bazaar relic store by the Book of Enoch, an item which grants one order slot... and Gilles does not have enough tribute anymore to bid on it. He decides to order all his armies to focus on the search for tribute and crosses his fingers, hoping that no archfiend will be able to bid for the Book of Enoch immediately.
Lord Gilles de Rais enjoys the help of the Infernal Conclave:

Turn 35 - Bidding on the Book
Thankfully, Gilles is now able to bid on the Book of Enoch. He does so but without offering additional tribute to win the bid, due to a lack of room in the coffins he sends to the Bazaar. The Bowl of Abject Darkness is placed under the shadow of the great trees of the Gardens of Infernal Delights.
An interesting situation is developing in Hell. The archfiends know that Asmodeus will win the throne if left undisturbed, and it does not please them. Asmodeus has currently 132 Prestige, Paimon 66 and Gilles only 21.

Turns 36-42