Gilles de Rais in the Lake of Fire 3

Turns 1-7
Turns 8-14

Turn 15 - Nobody expects the Infernal Inquisition
Lilith hires the Usurpers Own. The immortal bitch begins to gather quite the army. She might become a threat, after all.
I increase the Intelligence of the avatar to 4, which means one more order slot per turn for Gilles.
Bifrons is assigned to the defence of the stronghold. If it falls, everything is lost.
The Infernal Inquisition goes on a spree of investigations and tortures. Gilles de Rais manages to deflect their attentions to his neighbors.

Turn 16 - I need hellfire
Sitri hired the Legion of Blood.
As usual, I am in dire need of hellfire. Gilles demands a tribute from his legions.
Asmodeus needs to conquer four Cantons before Gilles can become his Blood Slave.

Turn 17 - Rebels
Asmodeus and Murmur try to recoup their losses (apparently the Inquisition was quite harsh with them), by hiring respectively the Hammers of Hell and the Grinning Legion.
The sudden loss of the Palace on the Lake of Fire does only slow Asmodeus but not enough for the other archfiends to hope to surpass him anytime soon.
Gilles promotes the Slaves and demands tributes, including curiosities such as magical parchments.

Turn 18 - Switching my stare to Sitri
Paimon has taken possession of the Altar of Abomination.
Since Lilith's domain extends continuously on my Eastern frontier, and I would need warring against two different enemies before reaching the Palace, I do not plan to wage war in the East for the time being. Instead, I move my Slaves in the proximity of the Gardens of Infernal Delights. This way, they can better guard them while keeping close to the borders of Sitri's kingdom. The official pretext for this move is the celebration of their recent award, the Infernal Order of the Black Ring.
More resources are demanded.

Turn 19 - Playing to lose
More resources are demanded and consolidated. Gilles de Rais remains passive. Unfortunately, Asmodeus seems to be stuck at 27 Cantons while 32 are necessary for the master plan. Gilles de Rais wonders if he will have to engineer a war only to lose some territory.

Turn 20 and 21 - Hellfire is the new oil
Hellfire is still missing in the coffers and resources are gathered by the legions for the pleasure of their master.

Turns 22-28