200 Word RPG Challenge: The Door Game

One day, you cross a doorway

And find yourself transported magically somewhere else entirely: hijacked plane, island with no door, forlorn prison pit, back of a bus, Santa fairy office, etc. Behind you, nothing to cross back. Grats, you are now one of the Door People: henceforth, beyond each door you cross lies a different, unpredictable, no refunds place.
Each time you cross a door, you have to make the choice. Are you satisfied with living out the rest of your life in your current whereabouts? Do you want to know more?
Door lotto. Is the opportunity worth the risk? Calculate it out. For a lazy thief, perfect escape plan. Many one-way traders, key collectors, lockpickers. Some end up trapped indoors, voluntarily or not. Comrades travel together, holding hands. Desperate ones inquire about lovers they left behind, by mistake or not, and entrust you with letters in case you ever meet them. Sometimes, said lost friends have been tasked with killing messengers (safer way). Can your valuable magical property be harvested from you?
Toilet dilemma.
Door People whisper about the rumored End Door. What lies beyond? The endgame might be finding out. Investigate. How did you get cursed? Start there.