The Ruin of Fomoria 3

It had been one tense Council session. The assembly had been copiously Itoldyouso-ed by the Chief Treasurer. The Fir Bolg rabble had been allowed too much leeway. Prior to that, an envoy from the King of Nardago had been pleading for our armies to stop their ongoing invasion. His long-winded speech about the long-standing tradition of peace between our peoples had been met with long faces. None of us had any idea what he had been talking about. That is, until Angus confirmed that troops led by Breadan, the renegade Fir Bolg general, were indeed in the process of occupying the land of good old King of Nardago, he who would always remember sending wine at Samhain. It appears that the rebel did in fact survive the treacherous woods of Cun Aral.
And then there was this small foreign fellow, Captain Dante. The man had dared to ask us for guides and directions to Nardago. He mistook our frowns for ignorance and darted out of the chamber with his guards, in the middle of a stern lecture about the proper way to address Nemedian lords.

1. Fir Bolg Scout - 25 gold, 10 resources
My first scout. If I decide to make a career in bow-building, I could use his good Precision (12). Stealthy 50.

2. Fir Bolg Champion - 40 gold, 12 resources
Standard commander. Leadership 60.

3. Fir Bolg Druid - 70 gold, 2 resources
A1 + 100% WEN. I typically buy some in early game. The Fomorian Druid has more battlemagic value and more overall strategic value due to better Air.

4. Fomorian Scout - 45 gold, 19 resources
Stealthy 40. Never bought any. I don't know what I would use one for. Perhaps in late game, with stealth equipment, in order to make sure my intelligence network resists bad globals?

5. Fomorian Champion - 60 gold, 29 resources
I don't buy those. Leadership 60, I'd rather buy a cheaper Fir Bolg Champion.

6. Unmarked Champion - 130 gold, 29 resources
Sacred, H1, Leadership 80. Excellent unit to lead armies and carry important items.

7. Fomorian Druid - 200 gold, 3 resources
Sacred, H1A2 + 100% WDN. The N1 ones are going to search sites.

8. Fomorian King - 480 gold, 37 resources, STR and cap-only
Sacred, H2A3D2 + 110% AWD. Leadership 120, Amphibian, Sailing. Their two main purposes will be bless duty and ferrying troops over vast distances. Whenever possible, they will search sites.

9. Nemedian Champion - 165 gold, 25 resources, cap-only
Sacred, H1A1D1. Leadership 80, Glamour. Competes with the Kings for recruitment. When the opportunity arises, I will hire some.

10. Nemedian Sorceress - 240 gold, 1 resource, cap-only
A2D2 + 110% AWDN. Maintenance costs equal to a King, with none of the utility. I usually never hire any.

11. Fir Bolg Slinger - 11 gold, 2 resources
I rarely buy those.

12. Fir Bolg Warrior with axe - 13 gold, 9 resources
I never buy those.

13. Fir Bolg Warrior with spear and javelin - 13 gold, 10 resources
The staple of Fomorian armies built outside of the capital.

14. Fomorian Militia - 15 gold, 3 resources
I heard they are useful for sieges. I never use them, but I understand the point.

15. Fomorian Javelinist - 20 gold, 15 resources
I never hire them.

16. Fomorian Spearman - 20 gold, 17 resources
I never hire them.

17. Fomorian Warrior - 30 gold, 27 resources
I never hire them. Are they worth three Fir Bolg Warriors? I don"t think so. If I know I need meaty troops, I might change my mind, but then again maybe not. One good troop is not worth three okay ones.

18. Unmarked - 55 gold, 27 resources, cap-only
Sacred. My second choice after Fomorian Giant.

19. Fomorian Giant - 75 gold, 37 resources, cap-only
Sacred. My first choice. At first I can hire only one a turn. I need them to conquer the seas and scare everybody.

20. Nemedian Warrior - 30 gold, 22 resources, cap-only
I buy some when there are leftlover resources, or in very late game. 

I found a first magic site without searching. It is an Astral site. I do not know if it is related to the Luck of the dominion, but thank you very much I'll take it -I will have lots of use for astral pearls in the future; for example, forging shields that will make my H2 Kings into Divine Blessing casters. Two E1 random druids are searching for sites at the moment.