The Ruin of Fomoria 1

The tale of a game of Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

Emerald eyes. Alabaster skin and long hair the hue of ripe barley. Fay looks for sure but a sex life as barren as a drown coven of Ermorian nuns. Being a foreboding and defeated people does that to you. That and being rich. Fir bolgs keep making babies. The Great Council of Nemedia, on the other hand, is the kind of decider people that stay up all night in their ivory tower, devising grand strategies that nobody ends up using because their memos get somewhat ignored by illiterate goat-herders and obnoxious stockholders.
I should backtrack. That’s not where our story originates, but I’ll come back to that later -we had grand plans.
I talk about them Nemedian leadership first because that’s where I work. I am the black sheep slash big mouth that got volunteered into chronicling the Ruin of Fomoria. I got on with the job and here I am, about to spill all kinds of secrets to you select readers.
Suffice to say that we’re on to a bad start. Our little conspiracy got overtaken this very morning. Let me recount the conversation between Angus, our best spy, and yours truly.
- Chief, remember how you told me to keep an eye on the Fir Bolg warriors, on account of you needing them not to kill each other before harvest time, I thought you should know that they are up in arms.
- Let me guess. Somebody stole himself a fiancée?
- I am a bit unsure. One of them said he had a calling.
- By whom?
- Not by whom, Sir. More like by what. You know, like my uncle who dedicated himself to the poetry business.
- I remember your uncle. Got a wild hair then got his senses back. Sounds like I don't care.

Greetings, reader. I just launched a new game of Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension. I plan to update this AAR from time to time, no guarantee. If you wish to participate, please comment. You belong to the Great Council of Nemedia. Feel free to intervene, I'll try to incorporate it.
I play on Valanis, a map that is not a great fit for Fomoria due to limited sailing opportunities. There are 8 nations, 1 set to Master level and the rest set to Mighty.

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