Clone monologues 3

Hello, me.
Again, I have to thank my luck; my former messages to you were recorded for naught. So far, I survived in the lawless expanses of 0.9 deep space. But not unscathed. While my valiant Beta clone vat (talking about you here bud) still lays unused, my insurance company has been busy doing business lately. I lost Smithwick's Revenge not once, but two, thanks to outlaws ganging up on me when I tried to legitimately annihilate them. Each time, my demise was a close call and my ship was blown in pieces while warping away. I should better know when to abandon my drone.
Now I do not have enough isk left to fully outfit and insure an Incursus for military purposes, so I have decided to focus on mining to find some dough in asteroid belts! I have bought a new Navitas and will spend some time looking for the better deal for mining lasers.
I almost forgot. I was contacted by a high ranking official of Strix Armaments and Defence (SAD) for recruitment purposes. SAD is a patriotic Gallente corporation and I approve its official goals and general stance, so I am seriously considering the option. Maybe later. For now, let's focus on the dough.
Tell that to your clone, now!