Clone monologues 2

Hello, me.
The good news is that I never died so far. The bad news is I expect to do so soon. After my early successes against some opponents who were clearly no match for my Gallente-bred talent, I barely avoided destruction of my Velator class frigate to enemies with both numbers and firepower. I had to compute random warp routes to escape the scenes in a rush. I do not understand, I always thought that the Velator was a very sturdy vessel but the shields were blown away so quickly. Guess I should not have skipped all these courses in the academy.
I have not yet told our agents about my failure. I want to give it another try, but I think I should outfit my ship with better weapons and efficient drones. I lost two drones in deep space while I was warping away from the battle, but at least they looked like they were doing their job. I might have to train new skills too, in order to properly operate new equipement I might want to buy. And I definitely need to improve my warp-escaping skill. Any second saved is a chance for you to never have to exist.
But if you listen to me right now, I surmise I was not that quick. I wish you better luck!