Time Insurance Premium

One pitch a day: in August of 2011, I dedicate twenty minutes each day to writing an "elevator pitch" for a story or a game.

In this game, people from the very far future travel into the past for fun. They do so in order to experience activities banned or forgotten, such as sex and violence. They are so unaccustomed to the society of Old History that they frequently freak out and end up in a jail or in the middle of a gang fight. At any time, these people can broadcast a call for help. The characters of the players, employees of the insurance company, project their consciousness into the client's body and take control of the individual. Each game begins with the character in a new body and in some kind of mess. The time traveler is still conscious and communicates telepathically with the character, most of the times not in an helpful way. The goal of the player is to extract the time traveler from his situation.

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