A short night

Some kind of emergency signal is blaring. After a vain and quick struggle, barricaded under a large pillow, the fat man fails to contain the noise and awakes. The cabin is empty but for him, a mound of clothes and what could pass as a bed in a place with little room and taste.
INTRUDER ALERT, says the alarm in the alien language.
The fat man gets dressed in a hurry, checks his weapons and prepares to open the door.

Sudden silence takes him off balance.
He stops before committing to the lock, pays attention like a bad kid at school in a streak of concentration.
Silence, silence and a big fat door.

He moves the lock with dancer's grace and slides through into the unknown. Barely thinking: not now, not now, not now...
A DIFFERENT SCREAM/ALERT. Some system is hurting.

Fat man goes hunting.