Clone monologues 12

Hello, me.
My new ship is sexeh. There is no other way to describe Wish you were here. Its sleek Amarr silhouette, its golden-number-like proportions, its beautiful energy trail... Almost too much. I already grieve the day I will lose it, though I vow not to regret the mistake that will cost me this precious treasure. Forward, always!
With the Pilgrim, I can wander around in a pretty relaxed way, picking the fights I think I would not lose. (No chivalry spirit here, I agree, though the ship's modules are like a friendly offering to the one who will defeat it.) So far, I have engaged a Keres electronic attack ship plus a Coercer destroyer (they disengaged immediately, though a few more seconds would have doomed the Keres), and an unarmed salvager Atron frigate idling at a gate which I neglected to loot (doh! plenty of tech II modules did I realise a bit too late). I unsuccesfully tried to pinpoint a few assault frigates. And I wisely declined an offer for a "1 vs 1" by the current State Protectorate fleet commander chief honcho. He was piloting a drake (potentially shrugging off my energy and tracking disruptor warfare) and I discovered his ten plus drake friends waiting beyond the gate. I flew past them with a smile and a wave.
Try to lose something more expensive, now. In my memory.