Clone monologues 7

Hello, me.
Now that my wealth does almost reach 3 million isk, it is time to think big business. With that kind of money, I can do many things. I can buy an industrial ship and try to make a living in trade. But I would then need to spend some time seriously studying the tutorial programs for this kind of operations. It could be fun but I guess I would begin with small margin trade and at the mercy of any seasoned pirate. Or I could use the Navitas and try to do some mining. I could also decide to focus on my Imicus and fine tune my Warrior I drones. But I have noticed that those little boys are doing fine on their own. In fact, my real problem when I fight pirates and mercenaries is how to deal with missiles when I am close enough to be fired at by the enemies. Hmmm, I could ask Jemeel what he thinks about that.
I forgot to introduce Jemeel. Well, he's kind of the guy in charge in the cargohold. The other militants are rather sullen but Jemeel is chattier than a politician on election day. It was Jemeel who helped me write my application to Strix Armaments & Defence. The speech makes me look just like a hero, it is quite neat. I hope the suckers will let me in.
And if it looks like I have failed at one career, maybe you could try another one.