Super Pills

One pitch a day: in August of 2011, I dedicate twenty minutes each day to writing an "elevator pitch" for a story or a game.

One day, strange packages, like the ones with action figures, fall from the sky into the schoolyard during break time, while the children are playing. A crowd of kids gathers. Each package features an illustration, a few short instructions and a colored pill. If eaten, each pill procures a super-power!
After a few seconds, the children all rush to grab a package, unwrap it and swallow the magical pill. A few fistfights erupt. Some noses get slightly bloodied and much crying ensues.
Powers are so much fun: some children can now fly, play marbles with their mind or turn invisible at will. Unlucky kids are stuck with useless powers, such as becoming a math genius or turning wood into some kind of a yellow metal.
After a memorable incident involving a were-elephant practicing her newfound power of transformation, teachers prohibit the use of powers in the classroom.
After some time, children discover that the pills only provide a limited number of uses. The ones who used theirs up to amaze friends are the first ones to lose special abilities.
In the end, all but one exhaust their allotted magic. Only one kid decides not to spend his last use.The kids speak about the events for some time, then they forget about the whole episode and they move on to new things.
The last kid grows and becomes a parent. It is bedtime. The parent tells his story to his child who keeps switching the flashlight back on instead of sleeping. Now, is the child convinced trying to read under the blanket would be futile with a parent who can magically know what's going on?

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