Genesis 19:26

One pitch a day: in August of 2011, I dedicate twenty minutes each day to writing an "elevator pitch" for a story or a game.

God exists, but he is underpowered and understaffed. In 2011, he awakens from a long slumber and manages to reincarnate. He builds an organization to fulfill his long-term agenda of global peace. He does not tell the media and mundane politicians who he really is. But the truth trickles in some circles and a cadre of believers join him.
Using the Internet, God crowdsources the realization of a unique piece of art, providing specifications for the work of many artists and volunteers. Myriad of elements constitute this picture. No faithful manages to comprehend what it represents because the pieces are not put together.
That is, until God manages to broadcast it live on every screen on Earth. Then every viewer sees what Lot's wife saw, turns into salt, and global peace is achieved.

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  1. not sure you'll have success with this plot. rpgers don't like God, they only like gods.