Clone monologues 8

Hello, former me.
So this is it. At last I have found a new body, though not for long I think. Your first clone has a little brother, pal, a jump clone in fact. Allow me to teach you something. This memory assistant crap is just that: crap. I remember everything perfectly and the transfer has been flawlessly performed thanks to Poteque Pharmaceutical's very own braided brunette nurse from space. I think the main point of the thing was to alleviate one's atavic fears, in fact. And fear I do not!
Now the real news. First of all, I joined this corporation called Strix Armaments & Defence. These guys are hardcore Gallente patriots. So am I of course, but I would not let that prevent me from enjoying our very Gallente sins. Some of these capsuleers are, like, soldier monks! Anyway, the first war operation is tonight and that is the reason I took this body. No implants to lose, no regrets. I give this life to the war against the evil Amarrian slavers from Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris. They will feel the wrath of Gallente sinners who will pierce new holes in their hulls!
Please don't forget to buy a new Incursus.

Clone monologues 7

Hello, me.
Now that my wealth does almost reach 3 million isk, it is time to think big business. With that kind of money, I can do many things. I can buy an industrial ship and try to make a living in trade. But I would then need to spend some time seriously studying the tutorial programs for this kind of operations. It could be fun but I guess I would begin with small margin trade and at the mercy of any seasoned pirate. Or I could use the Navitas and try to do some mining. I could also decide to focus on my Imicus and fine tune my Warrior I drones. But I have noticed that those little boys are doing fine on their own. In fact, my real problem when I fight pirates and mercenaries is how to deal with missiles when I am close enough to be fired at by the enemies. Hmmm, I could ask Jemeel what he thinks about that.
I forgot to introduce Jemeel. Well, he's kind of the guy in charge in the cargohold. The other militants are rather sullen but Jemeel is chattier than a politician on election day. It was Jemeel who helped me write my application to Strix Armaments & Defence. The speech makes me look just like a hero, it is quite neat. I hope the suckers will let me in.
And if it looks like I have failed at one career, maybe you could try another one.

Clone monologues 6

Hello, me.
We have a problem and I have yet to find a solution. It all began yesterday. I had proposed a visit of my wondrous spaceship to Nannia, a barmaid here at the Mies Chemal Tech station. I was making sure to show the full extent of Smithwick's Revenge's facilities to this wide-eyed Intaki elf, while regaling her of my stories about my fights against the rogue drones. The facilities, of course, include my personal cabin, and I obviously intended to practice some pod gym with my guest. But why did I have the stupid idea to give her a peek to my cargohold? Even on my good days, the place is a mess. And guess what we found inside, that scared Nannia out of my metallic love nest ?
People! It's right, there were people in my ship and I was not even aware of it. The ten men were aggressive and even bellicose. I trapped them back before they could overwhelm me and I began to communicate with them once they stopped screaming.
According to them, they have been captured by me ten days ago, and have survived all this time on a diet of raw meat (apparently a live cow had also been captured by me some time ago) and spiced wine. When I asked them to leave my ship and to accept my apologies, they refused. They defined themselves as militants and told me that I'd better not try to modify their way of life, but that recent events had confused them and that they needed time to think about it. They demanded some fresh lettuce and sparkling water. I was happy to oblige, as long as they would stop their recriminations about my evil ways. In such a situation, what would you do, I ask you?
Yes, I did try to sell them discretely on the market. I labelled them "experimental societies singularity thinkers". But I did not even managed to get them past the automatic regulation safeties of the market access software.
If you wake up and they were not destroyed with my ship, try to feed them some fruits and vegetables.