The child who fell sick

One pitch a day: in August of 2011, I dedicate twenty minutes each day to writing an "elevator pitch" for a story or a game.

When the management of the greedy company decided not to compensate the backwater inhabitants of a forest despoiled by factories, a child fell sick because of the industrial waste, but survived.
For many years, the boy grew in the secluded environment of the shrinking village. Years passed. He was home-schooled but never paid much attention to books. He preferred to roam the forest with his three close friends. Together, they witnessed the expropriation and cried when the company trucks came to raze the village.
The young man relocated in an anonymous apartment in the city with his fiancée. Unemployed and angry, he began to send threatening letters. Soon after, he assassinated five key managers of the big company.
Now policemen hunt the murderer in the forest, but he seems to be elusive.
That might be due to the fact that he died while a child. All five families of the village agreed not to declare his death, instead building his identity as if he was still alive, all in the hope he could later take responsibility for their revenge. He is a scapegoat for the murders they planned and committed together.

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