Strange comrades

One pitch a day: in August of 2011, I dedicate twenty minutes each day to writing an "elevator pitch" for a story or a game.

For decades, a branch of the Russian government has been subcontracting to a shadow partner the maintenance and operation of a secret prison. The inmates are all supernatural creatures, sentient or not, captured over four decades by a group of specialized hunters.
The director created the prison in Soviet Russia because the country used to afford an adequate level of secrecy. As a side effect, the inmates have all undergone extensive indoctrination in old school communism. Perestroika never reached the prison.
Due to recent changes in the country, the director of the prison wishes to transport all the inmates to a new and more secure site in the Pacific Ocean. That is what he tells them; the truth is, after decades of capturing supernatural creatures, he has enough supernatural souls at his disposal to power the powerful ritual that is his endgame. This will allow him to resurrect many dark spirits.
A group of inmates decide to break free in the cargo that brings them to the site of the ritual. The revolt is quelled but the core of the rebels manage to escape in a submarine. The director decides to proceed with the ritual. Undead rise from the sea, possessed by the ghosts of Nazi Germany. The director is imprisoned by the worst of the undead, who takes control of the operation. All the while the Communist dwarves, ogres and werewolves sail on their submarine to save the world and destroy Wall Street.

Edit: too uninspired as it is. Let's replace the words Russian, Russia, Germany and Wall Street by Hag, Land of the Hags, Land of the Trolls and Wall of Gold. This is a fantasy setting two millenia after the great battles between Good and Evil. Inhabitants of the world have lost their sense of purpose. All kinds of ideologies thrive in the emptiness left when the gods died.

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