Worlds of Darkness 9: Rise of the Platypus

I had the pleasure to attend Tenebrae Noctis in Kommandeursburg, a little castle in Kerpen (Germany) on the 12th of December, 2015 (thanks again Dhaunae!). Ulisses Spiele, the German licensee for White Wolf products, managed to organise this World of Darkness event in record time to help the new White Wolf team meet the European community and partners. A few weeks earlier, in October, Paradox Interactive had bought the White Wolf intellectual properties from CCP (which was sitting on them after failing to launch an MMO) and created a new subsidiary whose exclusive mission was to develop and license them. CEO Tobias Sjögren and Lead Storyteller Martin Ericsson wanted to discuss with the fans as soon as possible about the future of the World of Darkness.
behind this gate lurks the Darkness to come
The Onyx Path team was not there but their ambition to produce a fourth edition of Vampire: The Masquerade has been co-opted by White Wolf Publishing, which will develop it in-house. The editorial control the new guys in charge exert will allow them to support and nurture the IP while they try to make big bucks with TV or computer games. The pen-and-paper line defines what the World of Darkness is about.

Onyx Path will keep publishing books about the new World of Darkness (Vampire: The Requiem, Mummy: The Curse, etc.), which has been re-branded Chronicles of Darkness. There is now only One World of Darkness: the Samuel Haight one. ;) As you can see in the clip below, the focus is put on the first three lines (Vampire, Werewolf and Mage).

Solving the confusion around the identity of the World of Darkness after it forked ten years ago was only the first step. White Wolf will retroactively erase the word "end" and re-open the book that was closed in 2004 (with Gehenna, etc.). They aim to bring the World of Darkness into the 2010's, a daunting challenge. Vampires are everywhere nowadays but the World of Darkness is not and it will have to convince gamers again, with the right mix of old and new.
inside the castle
The World of Darkness is not for everybody: it is not mainstream and I don't believe it can ever be. However, it takes everybody in and I really enjoy its inclusiveness; “give me your lonely, your half-crazy” would say the Statue of Darkness. Thoughtful, willing to deal with important questions and at the same time respectful, mature. Connecting deeply with what makes us tick. I think that is one big advantage it holds against other dark contemporary settings.
The situation is far from perfect. This big family has had a history, contradictions abound, knots need to be cut sharp. But I really like where this is heading.

200 Word RPG Challenge: The Door Game

One day, you cross a doorway

And find yourself transported magically somewhere else entirely: hijacked plane, island with no door, forlorn prison pit, back of a bus, Santa fairy office, etc. Behind you, nothing to cross back. Grats, you are now one of the Door People: henceforth, beyond each door you cross lies a different, unpredictable, no refunds place.
Each time you cross a door, you have to make the choice. Are you satisfied with living out the rest of your life in your current whereabouts? Do you want to know more?
Door lotto. Is the opportunity worth the risk? Calculate it out. For a lazy thief, perfect escape plan. Many one-way traders, key collectors, lockpickers. Some end up trapped indoors, voluntarily or not. Comrades travel together, holding hands. Desperate ones inquire about lovers they left behind, by mistake or not, and entrust you with letters in case you ever meet them. Sometimes, said lost friends have been tasked with killing messengers (safer way). Can your valuable magical property be harvested from you?
Toilet dilemma.
Door People whisper about the rumored End Door. What lies beyond? The endgame might be finding out. Investigate. How did you get cursed? Start there.