Clone monologues 9

Hello, me.
I take a few minutes to record my thoughts while the hunt is going on. Strix Armaments and Defence has declared war to a pirate corporation called Suddenly Ninjas. The Suddenly Ninja thieves did not attack directly our interests and were probably unaware of our existence before the declaration of war. The fact that they operate within the legal boundaries enforced by CONCORD does not make them less our enemies. Their way of making isk is simple: they scan the solar systems where they operate (mostly Dodixie, as far as we know) and look for Federation citizens or residents hunting pirates and terrorists. They then warp to the location of the battle, fly towards the existing wrecks and loot and salvage them while the brave enforcers are busy dodging missiles. Some pilots do that for a living, but they negociate an authorisation and share the profits. Stealing wrecks is a clear violation of spacefaring ethics, one that the directors of Strix would not tolerate in a Gallente system.
Now the Ninjas got a beating and suffered heavy losses. Hopefully they will have the good sense to move out of Federation space.
Go take a look at the jump clone when you awaken. Very strange sensation seeing yourself from outside.