Clone monologues 10

Hello, me.
The coat of stars was unfurling its pimply brilliance over the local sky. Once again, I took a deep, hard look at the overview. Asteroids all over the place, along with a few corpmates with the dedication to mine them into oblivion. All the while, somewhere else, the dark behemoth of the Pandemic Legion was on the prowl, hoping to strike fear in the heart of the mothers of Federation crewmen, more specifically the crewmen of Strix Armaments and Defence and The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc. Sure, they outgank, outskill and outexperience us. Now, we are the ones hunted in Dodixie. But, they do not have parliamentarism on their side and that, comrades, will mean their doom.
In other news, I like the Osprey.
It looks like a mini-Raven.
Cheers, mate.