Clone monologues 8

Hello, former me.
So this is it. At last I have found a new body, though not for long I think. Your first clone has a little brother, pal, a jump clone in fact. Allow me to teach you something. This memory assistant crap is just that: crap. I remember everything perfectly and the transfer has been flawlessly performed thanks to Poteque Pharmaceutical's very own braided brunette nurse from space. I think the main point of the thing was to alleviate one's atavic fears, in fact. And fear I do not!
Now the real news. First of all, I joined this corporation called Strix Armaments & Defence. These guys are hardcore Gallente patriots. So am I of course, but I would not let that prevent me from enjoying our very Gallente sins. Some of these capsuleers are, like, soldier monks! Anyway, the first war operation is tonight and that is the reason I took this body. No implants to lose, no regrets. I give this life to the war against the evil Amarrian slavers from Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris. They will feel the wrath of Gallente sinners who will pierce new holes in their hulls!
Please don't forget to buy a new Incursus.