The Ruin of Fomoria 4

- Enough is enough. I have made my mind. I will take... a decision!
The Council fell silent. All stared at the bold lord who had committed to action.
- Fomorians, at least nominally, rule Fomoria. They should know what's going on! They should take measures! Organize meetings about the Fir Bolg situation!
- Wasn't it you who persuaded us to inflict them the silent treatment, years ago?
- Times have changed. Now, follow me. No way am I telling them this story without some backup.
So we all went down the stairs, we left the holy castle of the Nemedians and we took a cramped ferry boat that carried us all to the Isle of Balor.
- Hold your spears! Something's fishy.
There was not a sound on the island. Everywhere, bodies of Fomorians. Not dead, unless dead people snore. A powerful, fruity stink permeated the place. A scattered few awake Fomorians were trying to stand or to finish their sentence.
The bold lord respectfully knocked awake a guard in front of what could pass for the city hall. The freaks are no builders.
- Nah we're not attacked, lil' buddy. Hips! You'll find His Lordship over there; meditating on his throne and stuff.
The place was a large cabin. You could know a powerful sorcerer lived there: a smell of darkness, a damp energy tainted the air. The High Lords of Nemedia started breathing through the mouth, and the bold one began knocking on the door. To no avail until...
We all turned the glamour on and proceeded to the nearest exit in moderate panic, except for the bold one. He began to tell his piece to the King through the door.
We left the fool on the Isle and have filed this operation as a moderate success. Unanimously, we agreed upon a meeting to discuss the last turn of events. Things are moving on!

Fittingly, my empire is located at the West of the world and not far from subterranean waters. The three closest Thrones of Ascension are located North, East and South.
I am rushing North, towards the throne on the giant tree. I can really use both bless effects and any help to my weak starting dominion. After I get it, I plan to consolidate this part of my empire and have a Fomorian King conquer the Southern throne. I will probably summon a Black Servant first to explore the place because I have no amphibian scout and a blind attack might be a tad too bold.
The Eastern throne might be more contested. Another Fomorian King will be tasked with its conquest. By then I will have met other empires and none of my plans will have survived contact with them.