The Ruin of Fomoria 12

year 7, late spring, 50 provinces; 2775 gold; 740 rp, 100 gems and 29 slaves
war lobsters in the province of kunal, 324 gold trapped behind
a fourth attempt scheduled next month; actually no defender left, the last one died of poison after chasing off my 48-strong army with his two buddies

Ur is busy exterminating Berytos

first skirmishes against Ulm, whose invasion armies had gained deep ground into Agarthan caverns until the cavemen got their act together and expelled them to the surface

two new Thrones: the Throne of Thorns (poison resistance) and the Throne of Nights (darkvision)
two thrones left, so I will try to leave Ulm alone and focus on Machaka and Ur which each hold one

my armies, backed with elemental royalty and swarms of wolves (thanks Conjuration 8, busy forging one artifact each month), can see the walls of Mababwe

at this stage, the issue of this game is no longer in doubt; the AI was not aggressive enough; plus, I am not sure the AI is good enough with blood-based nations; perhaps I should not have allowed Mictlan and Lanka in this game, or I should have given them greater power (Master level); on the other hand, these nations border Ulm which is really easy to handle for the computer

Once upon a motherboard... There was a slight hiccup and...