Clone monologues

Hello, me.
So you just wake up and it's like you need to remember everything that another you has lived. And that another you, is me. My name, and yours, is Gabriel DiCozza. I'm fresh out of the academy and, if you are experiencing this memory assistant loader, it means that I am fresh out of the academy and plain dead. Ah, all my hopes shattered. But you are, here, to survive me! Take some time to think about it. I guess you owe me. This clone insurance was pretty hefty but I thought about you. I could have spent it all in booze and girls.
So, here I am, only a ghost in the machine, talking to my surviving me. Unless one of those nurses from the cloning centre just wants to get some kicks by taking a peek at this record. You should check them out, Gabriel! The brunette called Louise in particular, if you want my expert advice.
Whatever, to the point. The news. Well, you know me. I am pretty successful, as a rule. So I just succeeded in the last few missions. Blew up a dangerous repair station protected by powerful thugs. And, of course, put an end to the rampage of a wicked former bureaucrat who had been fired because he watched too much porn on company time. Ah, grand quests into space! Amazing adventures! Handsome salaries!
And then I'm dead. Your turn, bro!