Clone monologues 4

Hello, me.
So much to say and so little time. First of all, mining is good. Because money is good, and mining brings lots of it. And then because I don't know about low-sec, but high-sec mining allowed me to regain some financial composure while reading old classics in the comfort of my cabin. I spent half the time away from cockpit (AFC) tuning the parameters of the automated onboard kitchen. Was the whole process eventless? The aggressive pilots of the Serpentis fighters that my warlike light scout drone had to bring down wouldn't say so. These podless thugs weren't even worth me to run away (though the first time I made sure to do so in a quick fashion, not realising their harmless nature).
After some time in the asteroid belts, I was thus able to buy and outfit a new vessel. The new Smithwick's Revenge is an Imicus. It means that this time, I am going to drone all these bloody pirates out of their mean existence.
Or I am not, and then you might be awarded the insurance.