Clone monologues 15

Hello, me.
Ok, if you wake up and it's not Villore anymore, don't panick. It's just that I needed to part ways with Strix Armaments and Defence. The shareholders agreeing to sell a third of the corp to Ishukone had nothing to do with this decision. Strix captains still fight the good fight with their allies of the Villore Accords and other friendly FDU corps, the same breed of men who helped me destroy a Provist freighter in Kassigainen with my Coercer.
No, I had to do it because of the Guristas. Never before had I realized how tentacular their mafia was. I uncovered a secret base in Black Rise, then many more and finally a hidden research outpost in the shady region of Syndicate. The final fight was something. We finally overwhelmed the stronghold when it was recharging its super-weapon, and destroyed it with Velators!
I need to infiltrate the Guristas's backyard and, perhaps, find a flaw in their organization. I am heading for Deklein where I will join the fleets of the Tau Ceti Federation against Guristas terrorists but also against capsuleer madmen and world-rapists.
So, you might be in the North when you wake up.