Clone monologues 13

Speculation. I used to hate the very word. Stealing money, that's what I used to think it was. Now, I think of speculation as a socially useful activity. By speculating, I bring the prices to less unnatural levels, making sure items are easier to buy and to sell. I remunerate myself in the process. I am the middle man, and I take my fee.
To be honest, I make very little money. Mere millions. But it is only the beginning and, by helping the prices adjust to a sensible level, I hope to make many more in the future. A future basked in a glorious vision: a rain of Arbitrators, of Pilgrims, of Abaddons... All of them fitted with the latest in decadent Amarr furnitures, hand-painted by an army of subcontractors and serviced by the most competent and generously equipped waitresses Gallente pleasure hubs can provide.
You realize I am working for you, don't you? There is no way this body will not be floating in space or stored in some pirate's station container by the time this vision comes true.
Please remember to update the buy orders.