They meet the world every night

I have been reading taxi blogs for a few years now. Taxi drivers have many stories to tell; each and every day or night, they cruise in the city, meeting complete strangers and watching bemusing events take place. Here are the five blogs I used to read the most, but there are many more to be found, some of them pretty well written. Just follow the rabbit, as the saying goes.

Diary of a Mad DC cabbie.
, by Mad Cabbie from Washington, D.C., is all about the night shift and the kind of characters who get in your car with guns or fake legs.
Dublin Taxi is a collection of snapshots about working in cab-ridden Dublin, Ireland. Jackeens see so many faces every day... they are bound to experience a feeling of déjà vu.
las vegas cabbie chronicles's MrFunkMD is a great entertainer as befits a taxi driver from the City of Sin in Nevada. Check this moving Christmas story.
Road Rage and Taxi Tales, by Cab Guy from Phoenix, Arizona. Discover the practices of feeding and ghosting.
Taxi Tales, by Bob from Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. Read what happens when Frisco cabs challenge Lucifer.

If you like their blogs, think about it the next time you get to give a tip!

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